Top 7 Mother's Day Gifts at Days Gone By Bakery

I better start off being completely honest. I have a slightly biased opinion as I am the purchaser at Days Gone By Bakery - with all its amazing things - there are definitely way more than seven awesome gifts for your mom here. Heck, I can think of seven awesome things just in the bakery display case that would have her ultimately naming you her favorite child on Mother's Day! Nevertheless, as hard as it was, I have narrowed it down to my Top 7 (not just from the bakery) gifts your mom will love. Oh, and just for credibility sake... I'm a mom! So I might know a little bit about what a mom might like, but you be the judge!

(1) We just re-stocked this selection of candles that absolutely rocked in our gift shop last year. They are Nova Scotia made candles by New Scotland Candle Company with amazing scents and a hidden treasure too - your mom will find a little piece of Nova Scotia beach glass inside as a bonus! And she deserves one considering what she has smelled since she became a mother. Give her the gift of Nova Scotia themed scents with the Beach Glass Collection candles. My personal favorite is Sea Smoke... *hint hint children* $14.95

(2) Our stylish metal and beaded wrap bracelets comes in at number two. Not only will they look amazing on that arm that rocked you back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... but they won't break the bank either! All of our bracelets range from $8.99-$14.99

(3) Anything from our J.R. Watkins hutch will definitely do the trick this Mother's Day. Not only will you send your mom back in time to when her grandmother used to use the suave on her sore tired muscles, but if you do chose to go the Watkins route your mom will feel like she just spent mega bucks at a spa! Watkins beauty products range from $3.99-$14.99

(4) When you think about your mother slaving over a meal to feed her darlings dear- which one comes to mind? For me it's hands-down the classic holiday turkey dinner. Now wouldn't it be nice to treat your mom to one of these without all the sweat and mess? Look no further. We have it and she'll love it. Oh, and dessert... that's icing on the cake! $14-$19

(5) This is WAY up there in my choices as most awesome gift idea because I am totally in love with the HUGE splash of color that we have going on in our gift shop this season. Bright colors are back and we have tons of cute kitchen pieces that I just know your mom will love. A mug with a cat? We got one! A red pie plate? Got that covered! A compostable, enviro-friendly dishcloth with a crab on it? You betcha! $5.95-$24.95

(6) I had to. It's like the ultimate no-brainer! C H O C O L A T E ! She loves it and we have it. In many different forms. Handmade! You're mom will love you if you bring her any of this on Mother's Day. End. Of. Story. $2-$6.75

(7) And last but not least...There's nothing better than cold hard cash, but come on- You can't possibly give your mom cash (although she would love it). Next best thing? Most awesome thing? Days Gone By Bakery bucks! That way your Mama can decide what she would like for herself! She might save it for a rainy day, or she might come down right away and buy up everything above! Trust me. This is all you need to do to maintain your #1 Kid status. But just make sure the gift certificate will cover it all!



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